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Dry needling demo on a model - brief application with inspection (coning)


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Neuromuscular based presentations  'What do I feel?'

Altered performance at the nerve to muscle interface may be called muscular pain, myofascial dysfunction, trigger point syndrome, or neuromuscular distortion.

The presentation of this status /condition is a combination of many common symptoms:  sensation of tension (or stiffness), ache/throbbing/burning, weakness or sensation of instability, firmness with or without tenderness to touch, and often referred pain to a different area with interaction/palpation (pressing contact).   The intensity of each symptom can be different person to person (and muscle to muscle) and changes based on how activities interact with the related muscles.

These presentations come as a result of rapid events (impact, tug/pull) or sustained poor posture:  either cause results in the nervous system telling a portion of muscle to maintain activity to anticipate later events - indefinitely!

Fortunately, the problem is not progressive and will change rapidly when directly addressed.

Find out for yourself what changes come in 1 to 2 sessions!

The injury resolves but the remaining symptoms do not

Some events (muscular strains, joint sprains, even a percentage of of strains concurrent with bone fractures) result in the nervous system adjusting the input from a muscle or a joint/region to increase sensitivity in order to reduce the likelihood of reinjury.  While we consider this to be detrimental in general terms, the body/nervous system considers the change in status to be appropriate/beneficial and is sustained to 'protect' us.

Appropriately applied treatment will provide a stimulus to the nervous system to 'reset' or 'restore' this status to normal input/sensations.

The intent of my business 

Need a second opinion or a different point of view?  Concerned that different treatments have only helped briefly?


I have for many years been a second source of input for individuals who have seen limited success or have not succeeded in reducing persistent pain, weakness, or tightness in specific areas of the body with prior use of pain medication or non-invasive care. Over my last four military assignments, 25 out of 27 other physical therapists have referred patients to me for my evaluation and treatment approach - including many who have completed the same training.

What I Offer

Do you have pain with exertion?   A pulling sensation with stretching?  Stiffness after sitting more than 15 minutes?  

Muscular based symptoms that do not resolve within a few days to a couple weeks will linger indefinitely without direct intervention.  Whether the symptoms are present all the time or only with certain activities, most of my clients have reported months or years of ongoing complaints.  I had my own experience with a hip muscle for 12 years; even as a therapist I did not recognize it for what it was until attending more advanced training in 2011.