I had a headache - all the time for 12 years. Medication and other therapies did not help. I actually cried due to many emotions several minutes after this treatment relieved my headache. I could not believe it."



"I had surgery to remove a small tumor from my thigh. After 8 months of therapy I still could not perform a squat without pain. I was confused when he asked me whether I had any lower back pain, but after he tested my lower back my pain was reduced with straightening my knee. The same day that I had dry needling to my lower back I had no pain with a full squat."


"I loved to swim - but after some jerk did a cannonball into me in the pool I could not move at all without pain. I had pain in my neck, middle back, and lower back. I hate needles but after steady pushing on my neck and upper back made it easier to look around I gave it a try. Two sessions over 2 weeks allowed me to get back in the pool - my athletic trainer told me that he expected to need 6 months to make the same changes."


"My shoulder was in really bad shape. I could not raise my arm in any motion and I was aware I had a full rotator cuff tear. Before my surgery I had four sessions of dry needling to my neck, upper back and shoulder along with my therapy exercises; my only limitation was not being able to lower my arm once I had it raised overhead. I had no significant pain after the rotator cuff repair - just weakness after being in the sling for several weeks. He is on to something."


"I had a referral for my knee pain. He asked if I had any history of lower back pain. Sure, for over 40 years. My knee felt a little better after he tested my lower back so we tried just treating my lower back the first session. For the first time in 40 years I was able to twist and to get out of my car without back pain - and my knee felt 50% better! I decided to wait several months before going back just to see what would change - my back was still better and my knee still felt 50% better, then with treatment around the knee it felt full relief!"