Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this will work for me?

Several trends show good candidates for my treatment approach:  

Temporary improvement with massage / foam rolling / direct compression to a muscle, light exercise or stretching, or application of heat or cold.  

Lack of symptom progression (no improvement, but not worsening) over a period of time.

Examination findings would include a reproduction of your concern with a combination of muscular stretch, muscular contraction (pain or weakness), and palpation of the muscle.  If uncertain, then I apply sustained compression to the muscle for 90 seconds to evaluate the response.

Do you accept insurance?

HSA and FSA accounts can be utilized, but I do not submit to insurance as most networks do not reimburse for dry needling.   I can provide you with documentation if you request to submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement.  My costs are comparable to co pay prices and are equal or less than national average fees for dry needling ($40), so most would not likely see any savings with this step.  

How often do you take on new clients / patients?

I am always accepting new clients/patients. 

I expect to provide my primary benefit to you in 2 visits for any area of complaint.

Additional visits are common with adjusting focus to new areas (new evaluation visit not required).

Do you offer any discounts?

I have adjusted my pricing to match my prior discounted rates.  If you book for 30 minutes but only require 20 minutes then I can 'discount' to the fee to match the shorter time.

Do I need a referral?

Kansas state law allows for physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients without referral. This is authorized for at least two weeks; if no functional progress is seen after two weeks then a referral would be required.

How do you provide a safer experience with the current concerns of COVID-19?

I minimize my use of equipment and am a single staff office.  Most local physical therapy offices have multiple staff and multiple patients in the office area.  


I build time into my schedule to allow for cleaning all used items (examination table, clipboard, and pen) and I have multi-ply disposable masks along with examination gloves.   I have adjusted my work location to allow for appropriate space while having conversations while using a portable air filter at my office.  Many examination and treatment techniques are with clients lying face down (prone).

Space is more than adequate at my office or gym location (see pictures below).