Cost of Services

Same day cash basis fees (cash / credit card via Square / debit card via Square  / Paypal):

Initial Evaluation:  $40 for 40 minute evaluation at all established locations. 

Session would include dry needling and select exercise instruction.

$60 for 45 minute evaluation or session at client's home or alternate location (travel addition 15 minutes).

Dry Needling(treatment): $20 for 20 minutes, $30 for 30 minutes (2 regions); $40 for 40 minutes (up to 3 regions)

Return appointment (travel):  Re-evaluation, dry needling, or exercise instruction as indicated ($40 for 30 min)

** Larger clinics charge between $90-125 for initial session, $75-90 for return sessions for cash based services **

    Cost of 2 visits:   $180 to $200 (larger clinics)  $60 to $80 (The 2nd Look)

I had the equivalence of a parking brake on my hip for 12 years.  You don't have to feel the same...

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